How much can cyberterrorist get?

02/11/2007 Written by Jakub Maslowski

hackeroWe don’t want to talk about pos­si­ble pun­ish­ment and jail time/​fee some­one doing the “bad” things on inter­net can get, we want to show you how much cash so called ‘black­hat” can get.…

G DATA, a data-​company that makes soft­ware for secur­ing pc’s just realeased a press note wherethey try to answer the ques­tion asked at beggining.

From sur­vey they made, it’s clear that DDoS attack or adver­tis­ing thru spam is just mat­ter of cou­ple hun­dreds of euro. Same thing is with buy­ing data­bases with mail address’s of our poten­tial cus­tomers. “Spam mar­ket” is very big, for exam­ple You can have them sent 20 mil­lions of mail’s for as lit­tle as 350 euro. “Start­ing kit” — 5 mil­lion of e-​mail addresses, and appli­ca­tion ready to help you con­fig­ure Your own servers for that, cost around 140 euro.

Another thing that come’s handy in fight for cus­tomers is DDoS attack, here you will often get 10 min­utes of it for free, just to show You how effec­tive it can be, then you can decide how much of “their” time you actu­ally want buy, prices for such ser­vice starts from 20 USD for hour to 100 USD for whole day.

Doing sim­ple math - work­ing for just 20 hours per month, on 20 orders, spam­mer can send over 400 mil­lions of mes­sages and with­out much effort he could earn around 7000 euro. If that wasn’t enough, you can get 10 mil­lions of e-​mail addresses for just 100 euro.Same goes to pay­pal accounts, credit cards num­bers and inter­net game account’s.

G DATA found that most pop­u­lar are World of War­craft (pop­u­lar mmorpg) accounts, where prices are around 6 euro for one, and thats two times more then for credit card info.

Last but not least, vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties and tro­jans, this is the most lucra­tive way a cybert­er­ror­ist can “earn” cash, prices often reach sev­eral hun­dred thou­sands euro’s, there are also auc­tion site for those, but most of these are kept in secret to not give any idea to ven­dor, so buyer can longer and more effec­tive use, that new fresh exploit he bought.

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