Snake Oil

18/09/2007 Written by tripwire

In good old West­ern movies, a typ­i­cal char­ac­ter is the Snake Oil ped­dler, a “doc­tor” with dubi­ous cre­den­tials trav­el­ling around from town to town, sell­ing mir­a­cle potions, lotions, and every kind of bogus panaceas.

Those fake med­i­cines were use­less, for the most, if not poi­so­nous. But by the time the Snake Oil dealer left town, it was nearly impos­si­ble to bring him to jus­tice; more­over, those who fell vic­tim of the scam were not eas­ily con­vinced to com­plain pub­licly, because, right­eously, every­one would have laughed after them.

Today it’s exactly the same, only much, much worse.

Con­tem­po­rary Snake Oil is mainly made of false, mali­ciously forged infor­ma­tion. The mech­a­nism is still the same: the deal­ers give peo­ple what they want – exactly the lies they want to believe in.

Nowa­days Snake Oil deal­ers can cause much more dam­age and steal much more money, since their clients are not igno­rant peas­ants lost in the mid­dle of nowhere: they are Gov­ern­ments, media cor­po­ra­tions, intel­lec­tu­als, and 21st cen­tury edu­cated cit­i­zens of the first world.

After 9/​11, a huge, huge Snake Oil mar­ket sud­denly exploded: within 48 hours from the End of the World as We Knew It, any­one and her dog were experts in Mid­dle East issues, antiter­ror­ism, “rogue nations” secret agen­das, new mil­i­tary doc­trines, where­abouts of Osama, you name it. Bogus Intel­li­gence, any­one?

The Great­est Adver­tis­ing Cam­paign of all times cre­ated a tremen­dous “need” for Intel­li­gence, an insa­tiable crave for infor­ma­tion dri­ven by fear, anger, and shock, in fields where nobody knew any­thing.

Then the “war on ter­ror” com­mer­cials were aired 247 for months, so that on the demand side, the cumu­la­tive psy­cho­log­i­cal effects cre­ated a fright­en­ing mix of “bad news addic­tion” and com­plic­ity with the Snake Oil sell­ers.

These poi­sons caused mass hal­lu­ci­na­tions, altered the per­cep­tions of the addicts, which asked for more every day.

Peo­ple got so intox­i­cated that, for exam­ple, they believed with­out even ris­ing an eye­brow that a 100 tons air­liner, slammed at 650 mph against a cer­tain build­ing, can make a 5 meters wide hole and just van­ish, leav­ing the sur­round­ing win­dows intact. Snake Oil changes physics and defies logic, of course.

In the same way the unjust, ille­gal inva­sion and occu­pa­tion of Iraq was based upon a sea of extremely well paid, totally false and per­fectly timed Snake Oil Intel­li­gence. One of the great­est scams of all time, with dire, enor­mous con­se­quences that will last for decades.

There are so many other known exam­ples, that it’s not even worth men­tion­ing them all. The “yel­low cake” (African ura­nium) affaire; Iraq’s hid­den weapons of mass destruc­tion fairy­tale; the “cer­tain” rela­tion­ships between Al Qeda and Sad­dam (what­ever Al Qeda means and really is); lately, the Iran­ian atomic bomb pre­text, and too many more.

Some indi­vid­u­als made huge for­tunes by sell­ing these bull­shits, oth­ers made even greater for­tunes by buy­ing them… and mil­lions of name­less peo­ple are suf­fer­ing and dying, because of the above.

The lat­est Snake Oil case is that of Mr Debat, a French­man who, since 2001, was able to sell incred­i­bly, out­ra­geously coun­ter­feit lies to Gov­ern­ments (guess who), Big Media (ABC), pres­ti­gious think-​tanks (Nixon Insti­tute), impor­tant mag­a­zines like “Poli­tique Inter­na­tional”, the CNN, press agen­cies and news­pa­pers world­wide.…

All these peo­ple and insti­tu­tions bought bull­shit from this man, hun­dreds of time, and mir­rored them all towards the pub­lic, day by day, ampli­fy­ing them in every way, from thou­sands of chan­nels, always with­out a doubt.

Now, every­one in the Snake Oil Buy­ers Club seems to be shocked, upset, offended and tries to cover his/​her fat ass say­ing “they couldn’t imag­ine”.

They could, but they didn’t want to. After all, Mr. Debat great­est fault was to be caught lying, not to lie.

Now all they have to do is to find a bet­ter Snake Oil dealer.

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