iPhone. Ups...

13/07/2007 Written by Boris Mutina

phonebugiPhone from Apple is for many a mas­ter­piece. It has WiFi, screen that turns when you turn the phone. It has so many won­der­ful fea­tures, that also Steve Woz­niak would make it to his pri­mary num­ber, and really, on first day were approx. 200 000 pieces sold.

But soon after releas­ing iPhone to pub­lic, many researchers tried to make their own research, one dis­as­sem­bled it, another one smashed the new iPhone against the ground. And, there are lot of researchers that took a look on oper­at­ing system.

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Finally a Marketplace Site for Security Research

04/07/2007 Written by Zone-H

wslzonehA rev­o­lu­tion in the way secu­rity research is han­dled and reported has occurred! WSLabi (http://​www​.wslabi​.com), a neu­tral ven­dor inde­pen­dent Swiss lab­o­ra­tory, has launched a new inter­na­tional secu­rity research exchange.

This exchange will cre­ate a por­tal where researchers, secu­rity ven­dors and soft­ware com­pa­nies can inter­act in an open mar­ket to enable researcher’s to obtain the cor­rect value for their find­ings. The exchange will become a global data­base of every IT secu­rity research ever found.

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New Indonesian mirror goes live

03/07/2007 Written by Zone-H Staff

Zone-​H inter­na­tional edi­to­r­ial staff is happy to announce the pub­li­ca­tion of the new Indone­sian edi­tion, which is the 15th Zone-​H mir­ror to go live and the third one to be trans­lated in an Asian language.

Peo­ple who are inter­ested in col­lab­o­rat­ing with Zone-​H edi­to­r­ial staff can write to the Indone­sian Mir­ror Man­ager (shell.​fu@​yahoo.​com) or to Half­moon (halfmoon@​zone-​h.​org) , the coor­di­na­tor of Zone-​H inter­na­tional pro­grams.

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War in Russian cyber space

02/07/2007 Written by Roberto Preatoni (SyS64738)

Russ­ian oppo­si­tion par­ties (from democ­rats to ultra-​nationalists) and inde­pen­dent Media declared that their web servers have been recently affected by a “murky” wave of hack­ing attacks, Asso­ci­ated Press reported yesterday.

Accord­ing to cyber-​victims such attacks, whose DDos modal­ity was very sim­i­lar to the one that no long ago jeop­ar­dized Eston­ian cyber space , were backed by the Krem­lin which is try­ing to reduce the power of free sources of infor­ma­tion. No mate­r­ial proof has been offered yet in sup­port of sim­i­lar accusation.

Such cyber offen­sive, as reported by the Cen­ter for Jour­nal­ism in Extreme Sit­u­a­tions, was based on “vast, online net­works of com­put­ers infected with mali­cious soft­ware — whose own­ers prob­a­bly aren’t aware they are involved — to par­a­lyze or erase tar­geted websites.”

Yet, accord­ing to Polit­i­cal Par­ties and Media, this attack could be seen as an explicit threat against the oppo­nents to Gov­ern­ment , that is already prepar­ing its resources to December’s par­lia­men­tary elec­tion and to next March’s pres­i­den­tial election.

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“Yes & NO” video may hide a Trojan

29/06/2007 Written by Alberto Redi (halfmoon)

 An advi­sory from Sophos Labs informed on Tues­day that a mal­ware writer has been infect­ing thou­sands of com­put­ers by hid­ing a new Tro­jan vari­ant in a car­toon video, which has been spread around the world via e-​mail.

The mal­ware, iden­ti­fied as Troi/​Agent-​FWO Tro­jan was hid­den into “Yes & No” Shock­wave video , a pop­u­lar car­toon cre­ated by the Ital­ian ani­ma­tor Bruno Bozzetto. Accord­ing to Sophos, “The video only plays, though, after embed­ding itself on users’ com­put­ers and down­load­ing other pieces of mali­cious code.”

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