Staring into the Singularity.

28/08/2007 Written by tripwire

 If you use a finite resource it tends, well, to deplete. Espe­cially if you use more and more of it, every year, just like it wasn’t *really* finite.

We live in a para­dox­i­cal age, where every­one, at every level, wishes and believes that, mag­i­cally, hydro­car­bons will con­tinue to flow abun­dantly for some time, if not for­ever. Maybe in 20 years, they say, maybe in 30, oil will become scarce. By that time, they say, we’ll be pre­pared to man­age it.

This is very wrong. Oil is not yet com­pletely depleted, of course: but in 3 – 4 years it will be as if it were mostly gone, and nobody is ready to cope with this.

This incred­i­ble state of blind­ness is due to many rea­sons, one of them being our weak pattern-​matching skills when adverse con­di­tions build up slowly enough to go unno­ticed by our col­lec­tive ner­vous sys­tem. And, of course, we are being sys­tem­at­i­cally deceived on this sub­ject by the media and the powers-​to-​be, thanks to our will to be deceived.

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19th International Olympiad in Informatics

28/08/2007 Written by Ivica Koritic

olympRead­ers of this por­tal may have not been aware, but the 19th Inter­na­tional Olympiad in Infor­mat­ics ended last week in Zagreb, Croa­tia. There were total of 285 high school con­tes­tants from 77 coun­tries, 11 of them were girls. The con­tes­tants were sit­u­ated at the stu­dent dor­mi­tory of Stjepan Radic, while the con­test and the open­ing and clos­ing cer­e­mony was held at the Zagreb Fair.

Each par­tic­i­pat­ing coun­try can have a team with 4 con­tes­tants, a team leader, a deputy team leader, and one or more observers and/​or guests. This year there was only one con­tes­tant with his team leader from Cuba, while the Egypt­ian team had about 20 mem­bers (next year’s olympiad will be in Egypt, so they wanted to get them­selves very famil­iar with the orga­ni­za­tion of this year’s olympiad).

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Own your local SCADA!

24/08/2007 Written by minor

scadaDoing pen­e­tra­tion tests can bring some­times sur­pris­ing results. But doing pen­e­tra­tion tests on crit­i­cal tar­gets should not bring any sur­pris­ing results. As Forbes few days ago informed, Scott Lunsford was offered to pen­e­trate into nuclear power station.

As owner of the plant claimed, crit­i­cal com­po­nents could not né accessed from the Internet.“It turned out to be one of the eas­i­est pen­e­tra­tion tests I’d ever done,” Lunsford said.

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Second Life. Again.

23/08/2007 Written by minor

slSec­ond Life is real phe­nom­e­non — it is not only vir­tual world or place for online fun. It seems, it’s a place for busi­ness, fun, leisure… But if you think, it’s ideal world, for­get it. It is not. Sec­ond Life seems to get dis­eases from Inter­net or real world and as we already stated in arti­cle about Sec­ond Life, it needs strong reg­u­la­tions, oth­er­wise there will be more problems.

Just con­sider, online gam­bling on the Inter­net is wide­spread and daily you find lot of spam mes­sages, which tell you about gam­bling pos­si­bil­i­ties. Casi­nos and other haz­ard games arrived also into Sec­ond Life. Since every­thing there is only piece of code, it might be cre­ated to make profit for the pub­lisher of the game, not for the player.

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Cracker group arrested in Brazil

19/08/2007 Written by Staff

jailAccord­ing to infor­ma­tions pro­vided by the author­i­ties, the Pub­lic pros­e­cu­tion ser­vice and the Civil Police had yes­ter­day ful­filled 29 arrest war­rants in three states at the south of Brazil.
The group had 3 mem­bers in the state of Paraná, 1 in Santa Cata­rina and 25 in Rio Grande do Sul.
In Curitiba two mem­bers of the group have been cap­tured – one of them is the leader and men­tor of the group, the other one was in charge of laun­der­ing the money. The leader’s mother, who, accord­ing to the police, also had tasks in the group, was detained in Mar­ingá (PR). In Flo­ri­anópo­lis, a man laun­der­ing money was also arrested. Nine other mem­bers were also arrested near the west­ern bor­der of Rio Grande Do Sul — three men in San­tana do Livra­mento and six women in Quarai. Other 16 per­sons of the orga­ni­za­tion were also detained in the city of Porto Ale­gre and nearby…

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