The Emperor's new clothes.

08/09/2007 Written by tripwire

Igno­rance, arro­gance and greed, together, shape the world.

As Andersen’s fairy tale clearly states, power, money and the fear of loos­ing them make peo­ple at any level behave in stu­pid, blind, immoral, and dan­ger­ous ways.

Only those who have noth­ing to gain from not telling the truth, from not mis­be­hav­ing, will do it.

In our case, an Aus­tralian 16 yo boy was able to crack the new Government-​made 89 mil­lion dol­lars worth anti-​porn fam­ily fil­ter, in 30 min­utes. His tech­nique ensures the software’s tool­bar icon is not deleted, leav­ing par­ents under the impres­sion the fil­ter is still working.

Then he called the press and showed them how easy it was to crack it. The Emperor is naked, he said.

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Chinese cyberwarriors on the rise?

06/09/2007 Written by Boris Mutina

chinaLast days brought to whole world really inter­est­ing news. After Mrs. Merkel vis­ited China and spoke about hacker attacks against Ger­man min­istries, also Finan­cial Times revealed, that Pen­ta­gon was tar­get of such attacks from China. If this is not enough, also Guardian recently reported about such attacks on gov­ern­men­tal net­works in UK. Titan Rain — as US called the rais­ing Chi­nese hack­ing activ­i­ties, seems to be stronger than we could imag­inne.

Gen­eral assump­tions from spe­cial­ists are, that behind these attacks is PLA — People’s Lib­er­a­tion Army — or if you want: Chi­nese army. This assump­tion is sup­ported by the sev­eral facts, like tar­get selec­tion, attack lev­els (even IT secu­rity world would for sure invite more details on how the attacks were per­formed). It is also another known fact that China trained hack­ers already years ago. Then why this all is sur­pris­ing some of us?

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The Dark Side of the Moon.

03/09/2007 Written by tripwire

 Lat­est reports indi­cate that in the first half of 2007 spam reached 59% of all the mon­i­tored email traf­fic, a sub­stan­tial increase com­pared to the 54% of q4-​2006.

A scar­ing 0,68% of these emails had a secu­rity threat­en­ing pay­load, in the form of a mali­cious attach­ment, which cor­re­sponds to a malware-​based attack every 140 spam mes­sages sent.

Since a few years now, crack­ers and crim­i­nal orga­ni­za­tions that oper­ate in the dig­i­tal domain have been using a mix of social engi­neer­ing and soft­ware exploit­ing techniques.

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SIP phone users - beware

01/09/2007 Written by Jakub Maslowski

phoneIf you fol­low news related to IT secu­rity then you already know that using VoIP ser­vices, that use SIP isn’t the safest way to guar­an­tee com­mu­ni­ca­tion for your home or com­pany. Ses­sion Ini­ti­a­tion Pro­to­col (SIP) devices can be vul­ner­a­ble to eaves­drop­ping. That’s a fact.

There are tons of hard­ware and soft­ware using SIP, and many of our and your inter­net providers are also using it. Let me explain how poten­tially harm­ful and dan­ger­ous this can be for us, the end-​users.

Eaves­drop­ping for adver­sar­ial pur­poses is the less dan­ger, and pos­si­bil­ity that this will hap­pen, is low. More pos­si­ble is, that these vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties will be used in espi­onage in indus­try, since these devices are well used in companies.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction.

29/08/2007 Written by tripwire

Pow­er­ful weapons are being stud­ied, devel­oped and deployed on the Mid­dle East bat­tle­field. They are lethal, and meant to destroy the opponent’s morale thanks to a well-​known “shock and awe” tac­tic.

But they do not require explo­sives, nor they require expen­sive train­ing to be launched or oper­ated: on the con­trary, they’re so cheap com­pared to the dam­age they can impose on the enemy, that they are more and more spread every day.

To build these weapons is also very easy: it just takes a few chicks and guys in need of some easy cash, a cam­era, and a web server.

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